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In That Moment

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

Lying in the hospital bed admiring the city view and losing all track of time with my thoughts drifting away. I could see her coming. It was the hospital nurse. My husband held my hand so tight. He stood so stoic and calm. His pain and grief stayed hidden in order to protect me from a reality that I did not see coming. He remained strong for the both of us. In that moment I felt safe.

On June 19th 2023, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. In that very moment I felt like my life was shattered to pieces and being away from me. Everything I worked so hard for, and everything I earned up to this point felt so mundane. Learning about this illness and the effects that it has taken on my body was unbearable. In that very moment, I became a cancer patient. 

It has almost been 6 months now, and in that time I have come to learn so much more about myself and my diagnosis. I have learned that cancer doesn't mean can't. Throughout my treatment process and cancer journey, I have become a much better version of myself. I no longer take anything for granted. I cherish minutes and moments and I love harder and wider. 

This new community that I am apart of is courageous, valued, determined, and thriving. My friends, family, and support system have been my lifeline. I lean on them for guidance and strength. I trust my faith will continue to guide me through all of my good days and bad. I am so eager and excited for the future because by God's grace I will beat this. In this very moment, I have become a cancer warrior.

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  • It is good to have a support system when times are tough.

    Lanae Bond on

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