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She Feels so Good!

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

After being indecisive and analyzing my options, I have finally made up my mind about "The Big Chop"! Being a mother of four, things can really get out of control...and my hair was one of them. 

Nevertheless, I am not my hair but this shit feels absolutely amazing. I am so happy I moved forward with my decision. I feel so free and fearless! My hair cut is low maintenance and the style actually speaks for itself.

So, if a short haircut has been something you have been contemplating. I'd say go for it! Do whatever fits you. Whether it is an afro, big curls, or locs; do not be afraid of taking a risk and just being yourself.

I believe sometimes we can get caught up in the trend of things. It's okay to be goofy or even a little weird sometimes, as long as we stand in our true authenticity.




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