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Natural Growth Journey

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

Hey boo!

Yes, I did the big chop. I was so tired of having to manage my hair everyday. You know what I mean girl, right?  I wanted to find a grown and sexy hair style to fit me. I love my new hair. I can either rock it in  some tight curls or wear it straight with a little bump. As my natural hair starts to grow, I notice how beautiful my curls are .

I have finally committed myself to the natural journey. It has been about 3 months, and I absolutely love it! At first it was a little uncomfortable. Having bad hair days and letting my hair do whatever it wants as I figure this thing out did not leave me in a good space.

I had to spend money on different products that fit the texture and style I was looking for. This process can take some time and can also be expensive if you do not research first.

I am happy to say, I have finally found a product for me!! You know when you find something you really love, it makes you wanna scream from the roof top to and tell everyone!  It is a Frizz-Free Foaming Lotion made by Ju Poppin! This product moisturizes your hair to keep it from frizzing, so that you can sculpt your hair to a desired style. It can also be used for relaxed or natural hair! I absolutely love this product. I can not wait to see what my hair looks like in about a year.

What about you? What is your preference and how do you maintain it?


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