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My Body, My Choice.....I thought.

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

It is unimaginable that my right to choose has been struck down by the United States Supreme Court! This decision will haunt the United States for generations to come and will set women back for decades from the progress we have made for equality. 

My daughter and many young women have been told by the courts that equality comes with a price. What are we teaching our daugthers? That our live and choices don't matter? Unfortunately, this ruling will effect women of color and lower income households because they have less access to health care and limited financial resources.

Although, I do not believe in abortion myself. I do believe it is our God's given right to choose and not the state. Not only, will women be jailed or fined from a personal choice, but will also be forced to birth with a detremental health condition, rape, and even incest. 

This is a shameful day in American history and women's rights protected by the constitution is disolving before our eyes. We need to continue the fight for women. It starts with us raising our voices and casting our votes. We stand UNITED!!


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