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So Calming, Relaxing, and Therapeutic

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

Some people write poetry, some people ride bikes, others may enjoy bird watching to relax. I on the other hand, enjoy gardening. I received a AeroGarden as a Christmas gift and it is absolutely amazing. This device allows you to plant pod kits of herbs and vegetables all year around!   

There is nothing more wholesome than planting and watching it grow! The care, time, and evolution from seed to harvest is so fulfilling. The love that you have provided comes back to you ten fold. The best thing about this purpose, is that you can literally enjoy the fruits of your labor. So, no matter what life may bring you, please take sometime to relax and enjoy You!

Please feel free to comment below and tell what you think like to do in your spare time?




  • @Tameka Thank you! Hmmm….I’m sure that would be interesting. Lol

    Tiffany Bowers on

  • I really think your Aero Garden is truly amazing!! It’s got to be exciting how quickly your garden grows. Very nice gift! Only if you could plants sum weeds! Lol


  • @Megan Absolutely love! I encourage you to try it. Especially the AreoGargen device, it is very easy to manage.

    Tiffany Bowers on

  • I don’t have a green thumb, however you truly inspired me to try gardening 😊

    Megan Cobb on

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