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Am I the Problem?

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

What's holding me back? I'm a fun girl who likes to hang out, meet new people, and explore the world. I don't have anything to prove, but I fell like it's hard to open up sometimes. 

I have my own business, a great job, and an awesome family. What the hell is going on here? Am I the only one who feels this way? I am a private person, and with social media being one of my main resources for marketing it can be tough to gauge.

I have lost much more than the average person throughout the years. So, opening myself up to failure, disappointments, and more loss is not high on my priority list.

My foundation and support system keeps me going. I will continue to challange myself, remain authentic, and keep an open mind. Although I can work on sharing more of my goofy side, I will always remember to just have fun!!




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