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Thanksgiving Kickoff

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

One of my favorite holidays will be approaching soon. I don't know about you, but pork just don't hit the way it used to. As my taste buds evolve, I have realized some pork I am just not willing to give up which is breakfast sausage and chitterlings. Yeah, I know, I know....just the thought will make you want to gag. However, if you clean and cook them the right way, you might like them. Hey, don't knock it, til you try it!

My kickoff for Thanksgiving preparation has started with my chitterlings. I usually buy 4 bags, but since my eldest have moved out I only buy 3 bags. Now, the cleaning preparation has been past down to the second oldest which is my son William. My motto is, "You eat em, you clean em"! That is what my mom always told me, so I just picked up where she left off. My son does not mind helping out, but if I catch my daughter in between time when she stops by I may convince her to help us.

This is also our family tradition, and something I look forward to every Thanksgiving. I remember being in the kitchen watching my mom and sister clean chitterlings. I used to laugh watching my sister gag as she cleaned them. I just thought it was so funny, until it was my turn. Back then, we used to clean the "Big Red" bucket which was uncleaned. I was finally able to convince my mom to buy the pre-cleaned bags and that is what I have been buying every since.

We would turn on the music, pour our drinks (when I was old enough), and start the preparation. Laughing, dancing, singing while joking around and being silly was a bonding moment I will never forget. Now as an adult, I appreciate those moments and why my grandmother started the tradition in the first place. My grandmother may not have known at the time what she was doing, but my mother thought it was important enough to pass it down to my sister and I. It brought the women in our family together and we also learned a lot from one another.

Sometimes, the simple things can mean so much and become one of your best memories. Enjoy the time you have with your family, even if it is not your preference or something you want to do. You may take something away from those moments, and most importantly you may actually enjoy yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!!



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