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Tales of the Flirtatious Encounters

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather! As for me, I just wanted to speak on my new neighbor and get some things off my chest today. 

Over the last couple of years, my hubby and I have really clicked with our neighbors by forming good bonds and learning different things about them. I can honestly say, we have not experienced any trouble with anyone in our neighbor circle. However, we have a new neighbor and she aint been giving me the best vibes. She's young, beautiful, quiet, and a single mom with kids who keeps to herself or so I thought.

Encounter 1:  

I've seen her face to face several times and she never really spoke to me. She didn't say hi so I didn't say hi. LOL. Really, you moving on my block and not speaking. Strike one! She has however spoken to my husband. He is always in the yard working cutting grass, pulling weeds, etc. I just so happen to go outside one day to hand my husband a bottle of water and all I see is ass in my face. Yes, girl she is outside bending her big ass over pulling weeds in her yard and of course my husband "act" like he ain't paying attention. So, I look at him and he immediately looks away like we ain't both staring at the same thing. Lol So anyways, she finally straightens her damn back upright and looks at us and says "Hi." My husband says hi first then proceeds to introduce me as his wife and get this, she looks me dead in eyes and has the flucking nerve to say "Oh hi, I didn't know you were married." Strike muthafluckin two! 

Encounter 2:

One late afternoon, I decided to go outside in my backyard to do a bonfire. I was outside alone for about two hours listening to music and gathering wood to start a good fire that would last us a few hours.  

So, I'm vibing listening to my music and enjoying my massive fire come lil Ms. Tootsie pop bopping her ass outside starting to do work in her backyard. We can see each other from the backyard but she has the nerve not to even turn my way at all to say hello. She see me, like she can see me. Let's not ignore the music playing or the smell of smoke that has been coming from the fire for a little while now. She still did not speak and at this point, I ain't speaking either. She needs to speak to me first, because I was the first one outside. lt's just proper neighbor etiquette, okay. I'm cool with not speaking. As long as she knows that fine and sexy man of mine is married. Hopefully, she can just move on from the BS and we can be cordial neighbors. Maybe.

Moving on! Come on, let's focus, I done got sidetracked...

My husband opens the patio door and calls my name and before he can utter another word she proceeds to stand upright and turn herself all the way around and says "hi". Flirty neighbor confirmed! I done clocked it. Now my husband had enough sense this time to act like he didn't hear her but he looked at me and giggled a lil. We done been out here together and you all of a sudden wanna break yo neck to say hi to the hubby. Ohh hell naw, strike three bitch!'s unfortunate and I really don't have a positive message at this time because I may have to bop a b!t$h! Lol I mean, what do you think or am I just trippin?




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