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Socially Challenged

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

Hello ladies and gents!

We have made it through 2022 and I sure hope 2023 will be even more exciting. I saw more digital interaction with devices and the internet over the past year than ever before. Every meal, every date, every shopping trip, there was always someone twittering those lil fingers. I mean come on, Geesh!

First, can we start with more in-person interaction and engagement. If you ask me on a date then I expect to eat with my husband not my husband and his followers. This is getting outta control. Everybody dont need to see a picture of our meal. It wasn't that good anyways. I need you to focus on me. Ask me how my week has been, how my day is going, and what my expectations are. I love my husband I do, but I'm done with getting TikTok ready. Lol!

However shopping, has become much more entertaining! I don't know if I'm gonna run into a practical joker looking to score a few likes at my expense or if the cashier will engage in a back and forth with a customer while I stand in the background overlooking the madness not realizing 20 people are going live. What ever happened to walking into a store, grabbing your shopping cart, filling that shit up, and walking the fuck out with the knowledge that you over spent and probably will have to return a dish set because one of the plates were broke inside the box. Yes, I need them plain Jane days back.

Interacting with friends and family will never be the same. You know there was a time when I could remember all of my friends phone number by heart. Nowadays, most people use social accounts and handles to connect. Whenever I wanna call a friend, I have to look in my contacts to make sure I'm actually about to call my best friend Tina and not Hottinytina22.

Here are my own tips for social success!

1. Leave that damn phone in the car on date night. Outta sight, outta mind.

2. Mind your own business! If you don't mind, it wont matter.

3. Finally, visit your family and friends in person. Make it a date!

Remember before social media was a thing, we were already social.



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