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Review Time

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

Happy New Year! Hope all is well! How swell it is to start the new year off with a review from The Olive Garden! I absolutely love sharing my experiences with you to enjoy and relate to in the comfort of your own home. So, feel free to go ahead and grab a beverage or two while we explore.

My bestie and I choose the location in Pickerington, Ohio. As soon as we stepped in the restaurant, the customer service was on point. I don't think we waited longer than 2-5 minutes to be seated on a Saturday afternoon. The waitress was very attentive and kind. 

I ordered the 6 oz. Steak with Fettuccine Noodles with one of their new strawberry beverages. Not only did my meal almost looked as pictured on their website, but it was also good and tasty! Now....don't get me wrong, the drink went crazy too. it just could of used a bit more alcohol. Lol 


After while, we requested to go carriers for our leftovers and separate checks. The waitress responded by advising us to pay using a device showing ads already placed on the table. The payment option was a little confusing, but we managed to figure it out without calling the waitress over to ask for help.

Overall, my bestie and I had a nice time. I would certainly give, "The Olive Garden" in the Pickerington location a 4 out of 5. Other than the cocktails being more on the sweet side, I would definitely recommend to a family member or friend. Go check it out if you like pasta!




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