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Pajamas in public?

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

Hey girl!

Have you ever been told not to wear pajamas in public? Well I have...and my Nana did not care about my opinion or feelings lol. She would always tell me "have some self-respect and put some clothes on". I am a Virgo 80's baby and being comfortable was always my goal. In today's era with this new generation, everything is different and wearing pajamas/lounge wear in public is currently a trend. Hell, everywhere I look it's a bonnet gracing the scene. I just love how the newer generation pulled the plug on how many fucks to give when it comes to preference and also stealing my look. Lol

I can remember always going against the norms of what a women's appearance should be. My friends would always question what I had on and wanted to give me makeover's. Wearing baggy jeans, men's t-shirts, jogging pants, tennis shoes with skirts, and of course my daily pajamas was my go to.  I just wanted to be comfortable, cute, and happy.

I am a firm believer in being who you are and standing in your truth! The stigma of a women's appearance has evolved over time. This should not be about self-respect but comfortably and individuality. As long as I am not going to an interview or a formal gathering, I am doing just fine. Today, I am blessed to say, my husband and I currently stand behind a our company called SoHer that sells lounge wear to women!! We are so proud to service you! Let's lounge in style together.



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