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Date Night

Posted by Tiffany Bowers on

Baby, this date night was everything I needed. It was my turn to plan the date, so I challenged myself to do it on a budget. I could not wait to see what I could come up with. "You don't have to break the back to be cute sis! We do have other options!

I knew dinner would be easy because my babes isn't complicated. Burger and a beer is always a go. Thankfully, TGIF has a special Shareable Platter for $18.99 with two tasty drinks. Their food never disappoints and the atmosphere is a whole vibe! A total budget of about $40! Yes honey, and I also used a gift card we got for Christmas. Only $13.00 out-of-pocket spent so far.

Now, here comes the tricky part. What can we do in Columbus on a wet Saturday night? Luckily, I was able to find tickets to a local show called "'Hot Sauce Comedy & Poetry" on Groupon. The tickets totaled $14. When hunting for deals or activities, I always start there. It's like a hidden treasure trove of possibilities that you might not even know exist! The comedy and poetry were equally amazing. Yet, I was more drawn to the poetry because of course I like to write myself, and it was more relatable.

So there you have it! I was able to create a nice date night for my hubby and I for just under $30 bucks. We had fun, created memories, and now he doesn't have an excuse not to buy me these tear drop diamond earrings I've been wanting. (wink wink)

Good night ladies, talk to you soon!




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